Saturday, January 4, 2014

Weird Dreams

I was thinking last night about writing a paranormal novel -lol- and had this dream that Brandon (my husband) and I went to this B&B called Brave Souls. We get in there and it's weird as hell. The pictures on the walls have shifty eyes (like eyes that actually follow you or wink). The master of the B&B looked like a witch with a pointy nose like on Wizard of Oz and she talked slow and creepy. She showed us to our suite and as we walked there these figurines on the walls moved around (ya know like on that one scene in Devils Advocate) except not sexual (they just moved). So we get in our room and I go to look in the mirror over the dresser as my husband comes to stand behind me seductively. My eyes lock with ones in the mirror where my face should be except it isn't me. It's a blonde with dark blue almost blackish eyes. It was so freaking weird. I don't remember the rest. But I woke up and wrote it down for a future weird as shit novel maybe. LOL

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