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Teaser Tuesday

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He licks my lips and I forget how to breathe. Our brownie kiss is definitely not something I could ever forget either.
He smirks seeing my eyes stare at his lips. “So, you are responsible for dessert or just be dessert. I’m not picky.” He waggles his eyebrows suggestively and it’s like his words have a direct connect line to something we haven’t explored yet, something I want to exploreso badly.
“I like brownies, but I think I’d like being your dessert, too.” I say smiling sweetly up at him.
His eyes search mine, looking for something, and his face turns serious all the sudden. We are no longer moving. He slowly sets me down leaving my hands tangled around his neck and his tightly around my waist. I’m confused by his sudden change in playfulness. I’m aware that we are both distracting each other again and ignoring what needs to be discussed.
His eyes flick to my lips and then bounce back and forth from each of my eyes. “We have plenty of time to get to dessert, Riley. How about we just enjoy our... brownies... until you know for sure you’re ready for... um, dessert.”
I think he just made my heart melt. He is so adorably sexy. I never knew adorable and sexy could be the same thing, but he totally is both of those. He knows the way Dean was with me and he is worried we are moving too fast. He wants to be sure I’m ready. I am. At least when he is looking at me like that, and touching me the way he doesI think I am.
I let my hands slide down his neck and chest until I reach the bottom of his shirt. I place my hands inside of his shirt so I can feel his skin. He intakes a breath, and his heart hammers underneath my palm as I glide them up. He is warm and his muscles are artfully sculpted just for my handsto explore.
I look up at him through my lashes, and smile coyly. “I enjoy brownies with you... very much, Josh. I’m tired of wasting so much time, though. Years with the wrong guy, years doubting love and everything about it, years without dessert with you. I’m ready for dessert with you. Okay? I want to have dessert, Josh. When I felt your skin on my bareback this morning, I knew it then. I knew I wanted to feel all of you pressed against me.” I bite my lip.
And then he is on me. Hands in my hair, tongue in my mouth. We kiss desperately. Pouring everything we want with each other into that kissreleasing years of longing, of desire, of want. © Copyright 2014 by Andrea Michelle

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I love him.

I’m aware we are on the sidewalk and the world can see, but I don’t care. I love him. He loves me. There is no doubt. No fear. I feel the relief ripple away, leaving in its place a renewed sense of hope.

My heart wasn't safe anywhere

I couldn’t slow my cogs enough to gather my own thoughts. The blood was roaring in my ears. Images that were probably not that of reality were filling my mind. Dean having sex, various faces flickering in and out as he betrayed me. Josh choosing one friend over the other. Not choosing me, just like I hadn’t chose him.
It’s pouring down rain in a matter of seconds. I still don’t stop. I take the sting and let it hurt me. I deserve it.

Teaser Credit: Bookbum

Escape the Doubt, fanmade trailer

The moment

God, I kiss him like my life depends on it. And in this moment I believe it to be true. He ignites something in me that I don’t understand. A feeling I can’t control, it scares me to death yet makes me want more.
Teaser Credit: Jess

I love drunk Riley

All I want to do tonight is forget him for a while, forget my feelings and become numb.

Teaser Credit: Jess 

"So, about that first kiss..."

The air changed. He didn’t let go of my wrist. He watched my eyes, watch his mouth, and damn if he didn’t wickedly grin at me. He pushed up close to me—so close in fact that his chest meshed with mine, and I suddenly forgot how to breathe.

Teaser Credit: Jess 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A day in junior year (Prequel to the book) Riley's POV

A Day in junior year (Prequel to Escape the Doubt) not in the book

***unedited and just for fun***

Today at school, Josh accidentally brushed up against me when I was standing at my locker. At least I think it was an accident. I didn't care so much, because he smirked and spoke in that voice that made me melt. I lacked oxygen to my brain. See, I couldn't breathe. It's so hard to breathe when I crave him so much. Breathing him in makes me want more than I can ever have. He's untouchable. He is everything I want and can't have. 

Then at our spot by the tree at lunch, he started humming this song and twitching his fingers like he needed to strum his guitar. I watched mesmerized at him--my own body hummed in response. He affects me. He has crawled inside of me and he doesn't even know it yet. He never will.

 I'm so distracted by Josh all the time that after school when my boyfriend actually said something sweet and not revolting I didn't even hear him, I wanted him to never speak. His deep voice wasn't the same music in my ears as Josh's. And when Dean twirled my hair around his finger, right after saying that sweet thing, I had a moment of clarity. I was focused on that moment of clarity when his lips moved. I realized I didn't like it so much when he twirled my hair, however, I absolutely loved it when Josh did. I always take shuddering deep breaths when Josh twirls my hair. I exhale when Dean does. It's the opposite affect. I also realized, I don't know what the hell I'm doing. 

See the thing is... I did a very stupid thing. I didn't mean for it to happen. I tried to fight it. But Josh is just always there, where I want him--need him. Hell, he lives next door, his bedroom window directly across from mine. It doesn't help matters that I've seen him without a shirt enough times that I could probably draw his chiseled chest on paper, it's singed into my brain. Every damn delicious ridge and valley, and don't get me started on that adonis line. I hear his voice all the time, even when he isn't near me. It haunts me. The way he sings for me, the flirty way he changes it just for me when we speak. And good lord, his eyes... the perfect hazel. The honey gold and green dance so sinfully together that I can't not lose myself in their depths. And it's utterly impossible to fight what I feel when he runs his hand through his messy, unruly, untamed dirty blonde hair--so suiting for him. Or how he places his lips onto my forehead--lingering just enough for me to inhale deeply the very scent of him that sets my heart skipping in my chest.

 Yep, I did a very stupid thing. I fell. It's stupid because he is my best friend, the piece of me that keeps me together, that gets me like no one else. I've realized though, I can't ignore that stupid thing I did, because he's all I see, all I think about. He's in the air I breathe and I'm failing at getting over it, even with someone else by my side. I love him! I love Josh so desperately. 

But then their is that other thing... the fact my dad killed his mom and he will never love me.       

~Riley Shaw 


***It's LIVE*** It is not supposed to be .99 any longer because it is the second edition but Amazon is obviously slow on this change. So hey, guess what? You can get the revised edition with the bonus chapter for 99 pennies (at the time of this post). I do not know how long this will remain. So get one clicking.

Prepping you for the series that will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Are you ready? 

*Riley loves Josh! 
*Josh loves Riley! 
*Dean loves Riley! 

UH-OH ~ this isn't your typical love triangle. In fact, it is anything but. This is a rip your heart out, warm your heart, make you cry, make you swoon, and will most definitely give you the urge to climb inside your kindle and tell the characters what they should and shouldn't do... kind of read! So many secrets... 
<3 What happens when the future you were meant to have is ripped away from you by an unforeseen tragedy, and years of doubt about life and love cloud your vision?
<3 What happens when the arms you thought were safe become the very epitome of what you feared most?
<3 What happens when you get a second chance at love and happiness? Does it ignite or remain ash?
<3 Can she forgive enough to let love beautiful?
<3 Can he make her remember the future they were meant to have? 
<3 Will it be beautiful or will the mistakes of the past always haunt them?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Ramblings of a crazy author ;)

Here's a little tale for y'all. Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was this author who was very sick. So sick, in fact, she was on multiple cold medicines and a little loopy by the time bedtime rolled around. It was unfortunate that when she lay down in bed at night that rest would not come easy for her. Unfortunate or a sick twist of fate, she is unsure. She tossed and turned, screaming at her mind to shut up as her mind was screaming back at her to just listen. Her mind won.

 Chapter after chapter, scene after scene unfolded behind her tired eyelids, in addition to unforeseen twists and turns. She was shocked at where the story was going, as she didn't see it coming, it wasn't her original intent to go there.
She knew she should get up and write this down, but she had a dilemma. The author's husband was on one side of her with his leg draped across her body, her four year old was snuggled in her arms on the opposite side. She was stuck.

So, she lay there, replaying the overflowing words like a movie reel. Listening over and over to it replaying, just hoping by some miracle she could print it down to memory for the morning.

Once morning rose, she took to the laptop with everything she remembered, which by some magical spell was all of it. Adding these new visions to the timeline she wondered... "What does it say about me that this stuff comes out of my head? Am I disturbed? Am I a little crazy?" And then she thought, "yep, probably."

She sits down to type the words into the screen, and ignite the magic that is story telling. The author has decided that it's official, if she does this thing, makes this twist and turn as the voices screamed at her to do the night before, then she can't go back. It's a pivotal turn in character development but no one would ever see it coming, even she didn't.

 So then, she thinks to herself... "I did say, The Shifting Series would be an emotional roller coaster. I wasn't lying. I just hope they are ready for it." In her sleep deprived, medicine induced craziness she figures it can go one of two ways, 1. readers will think this author is an 'evil genius' and love her writing -or- 2. readers will perceive her to be a 'psychotic bitch' and hate her for making them feel all.of.that.

Either way, the author knows she is armed and ready to make them... Feel!

With her fingers to the keyboard, and the tears streaming down her cheeks, she begins to replay what she remembered from the night before. Unaware of how she is to complete this when her vision is clouded by tears. She is however aware that she is successfully gutting herself in the process.

The author takes a moment to rationalize it, "they will swoon and sweat, they will smile and cry, they will love and hate, and they will want MORE but will they crucify me in the end?"
She decides fiction is fiction, and good books are moving, and brave authors take chances, so she leaps.

The moral of this story is, this author is prepared to move you even if it means you get out your pitchforks.

Now, keep in mind this may or may not be a fictional tale. The author cannot tell lies or deny the fact that she is still high on cold meds. and everything in this tale of last nights vision could be ruled as temporary insanity. And being as though, the author is more 'psychotic bitch' than 'evil genius' this is all subject to change. She is almost positive her beta's will suggest therapy. That is all. 

Enjoy your beautiful but freezing day! M'wah x

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Weird Dreams

I was thinking last night about writing a paranormal novel -lol- and had this dream that Brandon (my husband) and I went to this B&B called Brave Souls. We get in there and it's weird as hell. The pictures on the walls have shifty eyes (like eyes that actually follow you or wink). The master of the B&B looked like a witch with a pointy nose like on Wizard of Oz and she talked slow and creepy. She showed us to our suite and as we walked there these figurines on the walls moved around (ya know like on that one scene in Devils Advocate) except not sexual (they just moved). So we get in our room and I go to look in the mirror over the dresser as my husband comes to stand behind me seductively. My eyes lock with ones in the mirror where my face should be except it isn't me. It's a blonde with dark blue almost blackish eyes. It was so freaking weird. I don't remember the rest. But I woke up and wrote it down for a future weird as shit novel maybe. LOL

Friday, January 3, 2014

A moment in the sequel

Just a little TEASER of what I'm working on. This is from Embrace the Moment (Book 2 in the Shifting Series). As always, this is unedited and subject to change. 

Her breathing changes, her body begins to shake and she sniffles. Shit! She is crying. She rolls over and wraps her arms around me, and buries her head into my chest, which slowly becomes damp with tears. I rub her back, and her hair as she softly cries. I can’t take it. It’s killing me. I pull her face into my hands and use my thumbs to wipe away her tears. I kiss her forehead, “I love you, Riley.” She shakes more. I kiss her cheeks. “I love you so f*ing much, baby.” The need to hush her tears is overwhelming. I crash my lips to hers and she whimpers. Her body falls limp into the bed, within my arms. The taste of her salty tears mixes with our kiss as one of my own meets them. “I love you, baby.” I can’t stop telling her—the need to reassure her is so strong.

“I love you, Josh. I love you, so much it hurts.” She says, and I know why it hurts her, because it hurts me too.

© Copyright 2013 by Andrea Michelle

Just another morning of random thoughts

I love blogs. Not just review blogs, but blogs by other authors, and blogs in general. They are all so insightful, and reading the journey's of others like me (more successful and better writers, of course) but writers nonetheless is a tad addicting. 

I should have been writing for the past hour, but as usual I signed onto fb and clicked on a blog post labeled "must read if you're an Indie." Of course that blog led to another blog link and then another. Low and behold I spent the past hour reading the journey of Amanda Hocking and loving all of her wonderful blog post. It's a strange thing... this book world. I haven't read her books, but I will now. She has some very true and real things to say about this writing journey. She is just one of many amazing blogs. 

Something that I have learned (unfortunately AFTER hitting publish) is that so much RESEARCH needs to be done if you really want to be a successful writer, one with long term goals (not just a one hit wonder). Anyone can hit publish these day, many will flourish and make list, many will become mere shadows. I know where I lie in that as of now. And in the future I do hope that I am not a mere shadow but flourishing.

 Truth is, you have to want it enough. It can't end at that one story you had to tell. It has to be ongoing and never ending. Write daily, read daily. Read more than you write and inhale criticism and learn to take rejection as a kick in the ass to try harder and be better at it.

 I most definitely have none of the answers. I hit publish without creating a buzz. I had a whopping 90 likes on my fb page and according to fb only 8 of those people actually saw my post. I had very few friends and no one knew me and still don't really. I had no idea what the heck a tweet was or how to use twitter. I knew of blogs and followed many for reviews but truth? I didn't understand how amazing they were or how crucial they could be to helping an unknown find her way out of the shadows. I know nothing of finding an agent that will get me and want me. I've written a query letter and because I am my most worst critic I think it's a POS and haven't queried anyone.

 Being a mom of three and not someone who has always been an avid reader... I have a lot to still learn and not a lot of time to learn it all. But that is the beauty of it. Nothing is ever perfect. My writing will never be perfect. I will never be perfect at it. And I will never know everything there is to know about this journey because it's always changing. But... I will write and I will read and most of all I WILL TRY! Because I want it. 

So, thanks to bloggers who are always sharing their next favorite thing, thanks to other authors who let you crawl inside their heads one post at a time, thanks to social media for making this not so lonely. 

I'm lost... no joke, but I'm happy and I'm on this journey to somewhere. When I find that somewhere, it will be beautiful and hopefully then I can look back, smile, and write that post that helps someone else peek out of the shadows. 

So that's my random post for the day. Carry on. ;)