About Me

20 random things about me:

  1. I met my husband when I was nineteen. We married when I was twenty and he was twenty two—I think we were just a little bit love crazy. He’s my best friend. I like him a lot on most days. I’ll keep him around. ;)
  2. I have three beautiful daughters. They make me feel old and young at the same time. 
  3. I must drink coffee in the morning to be a functioning human. 
  4. I love thunderstorms. I like watching them roll in. I am fascinated by lightening. I love the sound of the rain and thunder. However, I am terrified of tornado’s. 
  5. I love, love, LOVE music. All genres of music. It varies upon my mood. My husband converted me to country music. Alternative is normally my go to music when I write. Pop and hip-hop are my choices if I want to dance. I truly believe music can heal any bad day. Pour Some Sugar on Me will always be my favorite song. 
  6. I’m really short. I hate it a lot. I’m not even five feet tall. I’m only 4’11.5 (I count that half ALWAYS). My oldest daughter is taller than I am. I pout about it, but inwardly I am so happy that she is. :) 
  7. I’ve lived in three states and had babies in all three of them. I grew up in Louisiana, met my husband when I was in college and he had just got out of the Army. After we married and had our first daughter, his job transferred us to Tennessee. We stayed there about three years, our second daughter was born in Tennessee. His job then transferred us to Texas. That is where our daughters mostly grew up. We lived there for seven years. That is where our youngest daughter was born. Now, we are back in Louisiana. Don’t get any ideas...No more babies. I already have my little cheer squad. 
  8. I used to be a dancer. I danced in high school and also in college. I liked it so much that I also became a professional cheerleader/dancer for our local hockey team. It was fun while it all lasted. 
  9. I don’t have any tattoo’s, but I really want one so bad (or a few). I’m terrified of needles. So much so that when I have blood drawn, I usually pass out. 
  10. I didn’t like reading until I was an adult. In school I was forced to read things that didn’t interest me. Once I started reading for pleasure, I couldn’t stop. I love all genres of books, but romance is usually what I gravitate to. 
  11. I wear flip-flops year round. I hate tennis shoes. I wear high heels when necessary for going out. I love my knee high boots. However, my choice of shoe for daily wear would either be nothing at all or flip-flops. 
  12. I love crafty things. Pinterest is awesome. I love making jewelry, hair bows, bottle cap charms/magnets, tutu’s and anything I can try to make on my own for my girls. I learned to sew a few years back and how to use a sewing machine. That’s been fun. 
  13. I am a pen hoarder. No really, I have a collection. I love pens. Gel pens are my favorite. 
  14. I was a pre-kindergarten teacher for fifteen years. A few of those years were working in other age groups within early childhood education. I loved being a teacher. I felt burnt out, though and needed a change of pace. 
  15. Writing poetry has always been my escape. It started when I was a teen. I would write the things I couldn’t communicate. 
  16. I’m not the best communicator. I tend to bottle things up. It’s not very healthy. I don’t like it but I own it. 
  17. I hate talking on the phone and would much rather text. 
  18. I love watching movies. I don’t get to go to the movies nearly enough, though. 
  19. I am not a patient person. Not at all. I am also very controlling. I feel anxiety when I don’t have control over a situation. 
  20. I love watching cooking shows but I am not a very good cook. I do however try to be. 


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