Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Teaser Tuesday

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He licks my lips and I forget how to breathe. Our brownie kiss is definitely not something I could ever forget either.
He smirks seeing my eyes stare at his lips. “So, you are responsible for dessert or just be dessert. I’m not picky.” He waggles his eyebrows suggestively and it’s like his words have a direct connect line to something we haven’t explored yet, something I want to exploreso badly.
“I like brownies, but I think I’d like being your dessert, too.” I say smiling sweetly up at him.
His eyes search mine, looking for something, and his face turns serious all the sudden. We are no longer moving. He slowly sets me down leaving my hands tangled around his neck and his tightly around my waist. I’m confused by his sudden change in playfulness. I’m aware that we are both distracting each other again and ignoring what needs to be discussed.
His eyes flick to my lips and then bounce back and forth from each of my eyes. “We have plenty of time to get to dessert, Riley. How about we just enjoy our... brownies... until you know for sure you’re ready for... um, dessert.”
I think he just made my heart melt. He is so adorably sexy. I never knew adorable and sexy could be the same thing, but he totally is both of those. He knows the way Dean was with me and he is worried we are moving too fast. He wants to be sure I’m ready. I am. At least when he is looking at me like that, and touching me the way he doesI think I am.
I let my hands slide down his neck and chest until I reach the bottom of his shirt. I place my hands inside of his shirt so I can feel his skin. He intakes a breath, and his heart hammers underneath my palm as I glide them up. He is warm and his muscles are artfully sculpted just for my handsto explore.
I look up at him through my lashes, and smile coyly. “I enjoy brownies with you... very much, Josh. I’m tired of wasting so much time, though. Years with the wrong guy, years doubting love and everything about it, years without dessert with you. I’m ready for dessert with you. Okay? I want to have dessert, Josh. When I felt your skin on my bareback this morning, I knew it then. I knew I wanted to feel all of you pressed against me.” I bite my lip.
And then he is on me. Hands in my hair, tongue in my mouth. We kiss desperately. Pouring everything we want with each other into that kissreleasing years of longing, of desire, of want. © Copyright 2014 by Andrea Michelle

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