Tuesday, January 7, 2014


***It's LIVE*** It is not supposed to be .99 any longer because it is the second edition but Amazon is obviously slow on this change. So hey, guess what? You can get the revised edition with the bonus chapter for 99 pennies (at the time of this post). I do not know how long this will remain. So get one clicking.

Prepping you for the series that will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Are you ready? 

*Riley loves Josh! 
*Josh loves Riley! 
*Dean loves Riley! 

UH-OH ~ this isn't your typical love triangle. In fact, it is anything but. This is a rip your heart out, warm your heart, make you cry, make you swoon, and will most definitely give you the urge to climb inside your kindle and tell the characters what they should and shouldn't do... kind of read! So many secrets... 
<3 What happens when the future you were meant to have is ripped away from you by an unforeseen tragedy, and years of doubt about life and love cloud your vision?
<3 What happens when the arms you thought were safe become the very epitome of what you feared most?
<3 What happens when you get a second chance at love and happiness? Does it ignite or remain ash?
<3 Can she forgive enough to let love beautiful?
<3 Can he make her remember the future they were meant to have? 
<3 Will it be beautiful or will the mistakes of the past always haunt them?

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