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Excerpt #4 (Angst)

Josh’s POV
“I can’t believe her dad furnished the apartment,” I state to Riley as I load up my truck with boxes of her things to bring to her new apartment.
“I know right. I’m glad, though. Now, I don’t have to lose my bedroom here. There might be times I need to escape the apartment if Collin comes to visit Em, and you don’t get to make it to me.” I know she doesn’t mean for that to sound offensive, but it does. I don’t call her on it though. There may be times Collin can come home and I can’t.
“Why don’t you run inside and get Tink and her stuff, and we’ll get going,” I say shutting the hatch to my truck.
She pecks my lips and runs inside. I’m about to climb inside my truck when an all too familiar motorcycle parks at the side of the road by my mailbox. I turn my head and find Dean looking to Riley’s house and then to me. He smirks. “Remember when I said I realized she belonged to you? I lied. No worries, Parker. I’ll keep her warm while you’re out of state.” He hollers over to me with a taunting gleam in his eyes.
I ball my fist, and I’m walking towards the street prepared to remind him again of whom she belongs to. The door to Riley’s house opens, and she comes walking out with Tink and her things. Her back is turned to lock up when I look over at her. Dean’s tires burn as he zooms off down the street. She turns around and looks down the street with wide eyes. She looks back to me, those same wide eyes holding the question. An internal debate is going on in my headto tell her what he said, to not? To stay in Texas and not let him have an inch, or go because it’s what I have to do?
“Was that Dean?” She asks, as I walk up to help her grab Tink’s litter box and a bag full of her stuff.
“Probably so,” I say, avoiding her eyes as I turn to walk back to my truck.
What the hell did he mean? Like she would let him near her again. She wouldn’t let him near her again. But he will obviously try, and that in itself is enough to make me crazy mad.
Once in the truck, I feel my irritation growing. Riley notices because she says, “You okay? Your ears are red, and that vein in your neck is pulsing.”
Part of me wants to yell at her. What were you thinking ever dating that prick? Why did you lead him on so long that now he thinks he has an in when I’m gone? Instead, I shake my head, rub behind my neck to soothe the tension, take a deep breath and lie straight through my fucking teeth. “Yeah, I just have a headache coming on. Nothing to worry your pretty little head over.” She stares into my eyes looking for something. I don’t give her much time, because I lean over the console and kiss her lips and then turn back to the front, turning the ignition.
When we get back to the apartment, Riley goes to her bedroom and shows Tink to her new home. I’m in the kitchen fighting against my own instincts and myself. I pull my phone from my pocket and send a text.
It takes a few seconds for him to reply.
Fuck! I hate this guy. I seriously hate him.
He doesn’t reply this time, and I take a moment to calm myself. My phone pings just as Riley walks in the room. I simply place it into my back pocket and clear my throat. Her eyes track my hands and lift in question. She begins fidgeting with her hair like she does when she’s nervous. To distract her, I make small talk.
“Does Tink like her new room?”
Riley shrugs and studies my eyes. She is so damn intuitive. “What’s up, Josh? You’ve been on edge since we left my house.”
“It’s nothing. I just have a headache. I told you. C’mere.” I crook my finger as I pout.
She sighs heavily, and I know she isn’t buying my shit, but for now she lets it go. She wraps her hands around my waist, and I rest my head in her hair. Please, Lord let me keep her. Please.
©Copyright 2014 by Andrea Michelle.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Excerpt #3 (Something Sad)

I awake to the smell of coconut and vanilla across my face. I smile because I can imagine waking up to her hair in my face every morning. I take this moment to study her features to memorythe way she breathes, the little freckle that is next to one of her eyes. She looks like an angelmy angel. I study the soft curve of her nose, the little dip in her lips, and how her hair covers her face and my pillow. I watch her sleep and imagine a future where we wake up like this each morning.
“So, how long will you be gone?” she asks in a soft voice. We’re sitting at our spot by the lake the following day. Later, we’ll be moving her into her new apartment with Emily, and then we have a few weeks together before everything changes.
“Two weeks and then I’ll come back for a week.” She’s sitting between my legs against my chest. I can feel every breath of air she intakes.
“I’m going to miss you, but I know we can do this.” She says more to herself than to me. She turns suddenly to face me, sitting on her knees, looking down at her hands in her lap.
I guide her chin up with my fingers. “What is it?”
She sighs softly, and her eyes bounce back and forth between my own. “I’m just so sorry that I stole so many moments from us. We could have had so many years together if I just had believed enough. I feel like I’ve just finally started living, and now you’re leaving. I...I promise to be strong, Josh. It’s always been you for me.”
My chest hurtslike it’s strangling my heart and robbing me of air. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to be away from her. I feel like I’ve just started living as wellliving with her. She is the reason why I live. “Riley, I love you. I’ve always loved you. We may not have been together the way I wanted all those years, but I remember every fucking moment we’ve ever shared. There have been moments that I cherished that you may not even have known I grabbed. I’ll come back to you. I promise.” I tuck her hair behind her ear, and when I trail my finger down her neck, she shuts her eyes breathing shallowly. I love that her skin covers in goose bumps when I touch her.
I lean forward, closing the distance between us as I kiss the corner of her mouth. She inhales deeply. I cup her cheeks and then press my lips to hers, not opening my mouth. We just stay like that for a beat before she parts her lips slowly, and her tongue very so softly touches my lips. That’s all it took for our kiss to become the kiss that has sealed my fateI am hers. I will never belong to anyone but her. 
© Copyright 2014 by Andrea Michelle. 

Book Trailer


Embrace the Moment is book two in the Shifting Series by Andrea Michelle. This is a Coming of Age/New Adult Romance. This series will take you on an emotional journey with two best friends as their lives constantly shift. Told in dual POV.


Torn apart by a tragedy, pushed together by fate. Nothing is coincidence.

Riley and Josh have been through it all together, first as best friends and now as a couple.

Faced with a decision that will test their relationship, these two learn to fight harder than ever before to keep their hearts intact. Once the decision is made, there is no going back. With the past creeping into their present, and miles between them, they learn nothing is easy. Every moment matters.

Can Riley and Josh survive the first year of college apart? Will their love remain strong enough to embrace every moment that belongs to them? Or will someone from the past interfere, take what he wants and ruin them forever?

"For each star in the sky, I have a reason why I love you. When you look up at night, never forget this truth." ~Josh Parker

Warning: Not recommended for anyone under the age of 17 due to underage drinking, sexual content and adult language.

***This is book two in a series and is not a stand alone.***

Release Date: May 2nd* Will be available on Amazon and B&N. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Excerpt #2 (Something naughty)

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Excerpt #2 - Last week was sweet and this week...I give you naughty. 
Riley’s POV
When we get outside, the sudden rush of fresh air cools my warm skin. I take in a lungful because I’ve been holding my breath for so long. I head to the truck door with my back to, Joshunable to look back at him. I go to open it, but he puts his hand on the door and presses his chest against my backdepleting me of air again. I lower my head, and he moves the hair out of my face. He kisses that spot between my neck and shoulder as my body reactively tilts to the side to welcome it. He’s unraveling me. “You smell so good,” he whispers against my ear as he inhales my scent.
My mouth parts as a rush of air escapes, when he releases me from his spell. He backs awaythe distance allowing me to breathe again. He opens my door for me. I’m having a hard time looking at him. I’m sort of embarrassed by what we just did, what I let him do, what I encouraged him to do. Even if it was just a teasewe did it.
He lifts me into his truck as always, and reaches for my seatbeltjust barely brushes his knuckles across my breast as he reaches across my chest to buckle me inI’m unsure if done by accident or intentional. I still haven’t spoken or made eye contact, but I softly gasp involuntarily when he touches my boob. I can feel his eyes on me, but I don’t yet meet them.
He stares at me for a moment before he shuts the door and comes around and gets in on his side. He turns the ignition and Bloodstream by Stateless comes through the radio. It’s hypnotic and very suiting for what I feel right now.
I have my hands folded in my lap, and I’m just staring down at them. I don’t know why I feel shy, but I do.
He turns in his seat as he fully un-tucks his shirt, and with his index finger under my chin he guides my face to look at him. My eyes slowly lift to meet his, and I find him intently looking at my face. I turn to look away.
“Why aren’t you looking at me, Riley?” His voice is a mere husky whisper.
I answer so quietly I don’t even know how he hears me, “I’m embarrassed.”
He tucks a curl behind my ear. “Why? I’m not. That was so fucking hot, Riley.”
My eyes cut to his, and I couldn’t look away even if I wanted too. “I’ve never done anything like that before. I felt out of control, Josh.” I admit. I lean my head to the side of the seat as I mirror his position, pulling my legs up on to the seat.
He mimics my move by resting his head on his own seathis face just a few inches from mine now. “I never have, either. Did you like the way it felt?” he asks.
My mouth suddenly feels dry, and I lick my lips just to wet them. His eyes watch its path. “Yes. I liked it...a lot. I wanted...” I trail off, unable to say what I wanted, what I felt.
He moves his face closer to minejust a breath away now. “You wanted what?” He whispers the words almost against my lips.
“I wanted more. I didn’t want you to stop. That is crazy. People were there and I...I just wanted...you,” I admit.
His eyes twinkle sinfully. His smirk deepens the dimple I love so much. I want to lick it, but I don’t.
He releases my buckle and pulls me to the middle of the seat. His finger trails down my cheek, down my neck, down my rib cage, and to the hem of my dress. He moves underneath the fabric, placing his hand firmly on my thigh and up to my waist. I jerk a little. His eyes never leave mine as he moves his mouth closer. I can’t help it. I lick his dimple, and he groans. He licks my lips, and I moan. He glides his hand further up my dress until his hand begins to feel me up, as our lips finally touch and begin a wicked dance together.
“Josh?” I breathe between kisses.
“Mmm?” He replies in between kisses as his thumb twirls around my nipple over my bra.
“What are we doing?” I ask pulling away, breathlessly.
He grins and moves his hand back down my stomach, and down the outside of thigh and around the curve of my ass. “You’re not the only one feeling out of control. I haven’t been able to think straight since I saw you practically naked.”
He leans into my neck and begins licking and kissing me there. Once again, I’m nervous someone is watching. I’ve never been more thankful for his tinted windows and that it’s dark outside because I need him to keep doing what he is doing. He pulls away just slightly catching a glimpse of my necklace. He moves his hand back to the top of my leg and touches the charms with his other hand. His eyes warm and his lips curl up into a smile.
“Where did you get this?” he asks.
“Emily. It’s my birthday present. Something about the pixie reunited with her music.”
His soft smile is now wide and just beautiful. His eyes lift to mine, and they heat instantly. “I love that,” he says tracing the line of my lips with his thumb.
“I love you,” I mutter.
He gently presses my legs down onto the seat, turning my body to the front. He has his hand sprawled out on the top of my leg as his thumb caresses the inner part of my thigh. “I love you, too. I love that necklace, and I love this dress,” he breathes the words hot in my ear, then gently nibbles on it.
“God, Josh.” He’s slowly coaxing my legs to open for him, at the same time he is licking the spot behind my ear that makes me shiver.
 “Do you want more?” He whispers into my ear as his hands slides into my panties.
I can’t control my breathing now. I can’t not pant or writhe. I can’t control what my body wants, and it wants more. “Yes, please. I want more.” I am shocked at how my own voice sounds when I speakbreathy and needy.

© Copyright 2014 by Andrea Michelle. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New way of thinking

II love you all. I woke up this morning and decided I’m just going to write. I stress so much on if I’m selling, are blogs noticing me, do readers like me as an author, is my writing perfectly edited, are my teasers good or am I spoiling the story, who can I trust, is my street team fun or boring, am I pimping enough, where do I buy swag, if I buy swaghow much and what, who do I give it to, what blogs should I contact, would they be interested, why does it make depressed when they turn me down, are my characters relatable, how much sex is too much and too little, am I capturing every emotion that I feel is evoked in me?!? etc. And yes, that is the LONGEST run on sentence ever, not at all grammatically correct, but you get what I’m saying. However, every dayEVERY DAYthose thoughts run through my mind. I have too much going on up there, I feel slightly insane, maybe even bipolar. My fictional friends scream at me, my doubts taunt me, my fears overwhelm me...and then I remember that is why I locked it all up for so many years without sharing a damn thing. But...that isn’t healthy. I need this out of me to be who I really am. So, I can’t stress the “what if’s” and the constant questions. I need to write in order to breathe. So, I am letting go of the shit I can’t control. I’m not letting those doubts and wishes control me any longer. It takes away from the time I spend writing. I will write. I will pimp the hell out of myself. I will contact blogs and I will pray readers embrace me. That is all I can do. If I dwell on the slow climb, I will quit trying to reach the top. I want to get to the top, and look back smiling at my accomplishment. Turtle pace it is. I’m okay with that. At least the words aren’t bottled up any longer, and I’m fluttering my wings wildly with excitement instead of trepidation. Inhale. Exhale. Embracing the new day and a new mind set for this journey.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Excerpt #1 (Something sweet)

Counting down the days until release of Embrace the Moment. I will post an excerpt every week until release day. That’s four yummy, sweet and maybe naughty excerpts for your pleasure. *wink and blows kiss*

Josh’s POV
Those very blue/green eyes snap open and lock with mine when Bloodstream comes on the radio. Emily turns it up, “I so love this song. His voice is so damn sexy.” Neither Riley nor I reply. Speech is impossible when the images of what we did to this song fill my head. Her eyes flutter and glass over. She bites her lip and her breathing changes. She is remembering it, too. I can’t breathe. I just want to touch herto feel her respond to me touching her again. She has her knees pulled up in the seat, and I trail my index finger from her knee down to the edge of her barely there shorts and back up. Her skin breaks out in goose bumps and she shivers. My eyes never leave hers. She reaches her hand up and traces my bottom lip. I harden instantly, and her eyes widen. Damn. Good thing her head is covering my lap. Bad thing is her head is in my lapnot really helping my problem here. I’m so turned on. Fuck!
So, about that backseatit’s a small confined placeand all I can smell is her jasmine and vanilla scented lotion. I’m fucked and not in the way I’m imagining in this backseat.
Luckily, Collin exits the highway and stops for gas, because I’m struggling here with her in this tight space.
I thought I’d be safe from temptation for at least a few minutes, but then she buys a fruit punch Icee, blow pops and skittles. Good grief, I’m in a lust bubble of desire. We’re standing outside of the car just talking. I’m half listening to all of her words because I’m watching her sip from her straw and then lick her lips, which are now tinted red from her drink. Opening her bag of skittles, she laughs at something Em says and for the life of me, I can’t stop thinking about how much I want to taste the rainbow. And so I do. I grab her drink and candy, passing it to Em who says, “What the...” I don’t listen. I grab Riley’s face and taste every crevice of her mouth. The fruity taste lingering all over her tongue and sending my senses into overdrive.
“Holy shit! Collin, what are we going to do with these two?” Emily asks.
I hear him laugh. “Uh, I guess move out of the way? Wait in the car? Give em’ dollar bills? Hell if I know.”
Her hands are in my hair, pulling as always. I have her pressed into the car door, my hands holding both of her cheeks in my palms. I glide my hand to the nape of her neck and into her hair as we deepen the kiss. I don’t know how long we kiss, just that I feel better once we do. I release her and step back as she lifts her hands to touch her lips. She always does that. It’s like the feeling left on them shocks her. She just stands there, dazed for a few secondsstaring at me. Collin leans out of his window. “Y’all coming, or you gonna stand out there eye and mouth-fucking all damn day?” 
© Copyright 2014 by Andrea Michelle