Monday, January 6, 2014

Ramblings of a crazy author ;)

Here's a little tale for y'all. Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was this author who was very sick. So sick, in fact, she was on multiple cold medicines and a little loopy by the time bedtime rolled around. It was unfortunate that when she lay down in bed at night that rest would not come easy for her. Unfortunate or a sick twist of fate, she is unsure. She tossed and turned, screaming at her mind to shut up as her mind was screaming back at her to just listen. Her mind won.

 Chapter after chapter, scene after scene unfolded behind her tired eyelids, in addition to unforeseen twists and turns. She was shocked at where the story was going, as she didn't see it coming, it wasn't her original intent to go there.
She knew she should get up and write this down, but she had a dilemma. The author's husband was on one side of her with his leg draped across her body, her four year old was snuggled in her arms on the opposite side. She was stuck.

So, she lay there, replaying the overflowing words like a movie reel. Listening over and over to it replaying, just hoping by some miracle she could print it down to memory for the morning.

Once morning rose, she took to the laptop with everything she remembered, which by some magical spell was all of it. Adding these new visions to the timeline she wondered... "What does it say about me that this stuff comes out of my head? Am I disturbed? Am I a little crazy?" And then she thought, "yep, probably."

She sits down to type the words into the screen, and ignite the magic that is story telling. The author has decided that it's official, if she does this thing, makes this twist and turn as the voices screamed at her to do the night before, then she can't go back. It's a pivotal turn in character development but no one would ever see it coming, even she didn't.

 So then, she thinks to herself... "I did say, The Shifting Series would be an emotional roller coaster. I wasn't lying. I just hope they are ready for it." In her sleep deprived, medicine induced craziness she figures it can go one of two ways, 1. readers will think this author is an 'evil genius' and love her writing -or- 2. readers will perceive her to be a 'psychotic bitch' and hate her for making them feel all.of.that.

Either way, the author knows she is armed and ready to make them... Feel!

With her fingers to the keyboard, and the tears streaming down her cheeks, she begins to replay what she remembered from the night before. Unaware of how she is to complete this when her vision is clouded by tears. She is however aware that she is successfully gutting herself in the process.

The author takes a moment to rationalize it, "they will swoon and sweat, they will smile and cry, they will love and hate, and they will want MORE but will they crucify me in the end?"
She decides fiction is fiction, and good books are moving, and brave authors take chances, so she leaps.

The moral of this story is, this author is prepared to move you even if it means you get out your pitchforks.

Now, keep in mind this may or may not be a fictional tale. The author cannot tell lies or deny the fact that she is still high on cold meds. and everything in this tale of last nights vision could be ruled as temporary insanity. And being as though, the author is more 'psychotic bitch' than 'evil genius' this is all subject to change. She is almost positive her beta's will suggest therapy. That is all. 

Enjoy your beautiful but freezing day! M'wah x

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