Friday, January 3, 2014

Just another morning of random thoughts

I love blogs. Not just review blogs, but blogs by other authors, and blogs in general. They are all so insightful, and reading the journey's of others like me (more successful and better writers, of course) but writers nonetheless is a tad addicting. 

I should have been writing for the past hour, but as usual I signed onto fb and clicked on a blog post labeled "must read if you're an Indie." Of course that blog led to another blog link and then another. Low and behold I spent the past hour reading the journey of Amanda Hocking and loving all of her wonderful blog post. It's a strange thing... this book world. I haven't read her books, but I will now. She has some very true and real things to say about this writing journey. She is just one of many amazing blogs. 

Something that I have learned (unfortunately AFTER hitting publish) is that so much RESEARCH needs to be done if you really want to be a successful writer, one with long term goals (not just a one hit wonder). Anyone can hit publish these day, many will flourish and make list, many will become mere shadows. I know where I lie in that as of now. And in the future I do hope that I am not a mere shadow but flourishing.

 Truth is, you have to want it enough. It can't end at that one story you had to tell. It has to be ongoing and never ending. Write daily, read daily. Read more than you write and inhale criticism and learn to take rejection as a kick in the ass to try harder and be better at it.

 I most definitely have none of the answers. I hit publish without creating a buzz. I had a whopping 90 likes on my fb page and according to fb only 8 of those people actually saw my post. I had very few friends and no one knew me and still don't really. I had no idea what the heck a tweet was or how to use twitter. I knew of blogs and followed many for reviews but truth? I didn't understand how amazing they were or how crucial they could be to helping an unknown find her way out of the shadows. I know nothing of finding an agent that will get me and want me. I've written a query letter and because I am my most worst critic I think it's a POS and haven't queried anyone.

 Being a mom of three and not someone who has always been an avid reader... I have a lot to still learn and not a lot of time to learn it all. But that is the beauty of it. Nothing is ever perfect. My writing will never be perfect. I will never be perfect at it. And I will never know everything there is to know about this journey because it's always changing. But... I will write and I will read and most of all I WILL TRY! Because I want it. 

So, thanks to bloggers who are always sharing their next favorite thing, thanks to other authors who let you crawl inside their heads one post at a time, thanks to social media for making this not so lonely. 

I'm lost... no joke, but I'm happy and I'm on this journey to somewhere. When I find that somewhere, it will be beautiful and hopefully then I can look back, smile, and write that post that helps someone else peek out of the shadows. 

So that's my random post for the day. Carry on. ;) 

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