Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Excerpt #2 (Something naughty)

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Excerpt #2 - Last week was sweet and this week...I give you naughty. 
Riley’s POV
When we get outside, the sudden rush of fresh air cools my warm skin. I take in a lungful because I’ve been holding my breath for so long. I head to the truck door with my back to, Joshunable to look back at him. I go to open it, but he puts his hand on the door and presses his chest against my backdepleting me of air again. I lower my head, and he moves the hair out of my face. He kisses that spot between my neck and shoulder as my body reactively tilts to the side to welcome it. He’s unraveling me. “You smell so good,” he whispers against my ear as he inhales my scent.
My mouth parts as a rush of air escapes, when he releases me from his spell. He backs awaythe distance allowing me to breathe again. He opens my door for me. I’m having a hard time looking at him. I’m sort of embarrassed by what we just did, what I let him do, what I encouraged him to do. Even if it was just a teasewe did it.
He lifts me into his truck as always, and reaches for my seatbeltjust barely brushes his knuckles across my breast as he reaches across my chest to buckle me inI’m unsure if done by accident or intentional. I still haven’t spoken or made eye contact, but I softly gasp involuntarily when he touches my boob. I can feel his eyes on me, but I don’t yet meet them.
He stares at me for a moment before he shuts the door and comes around and gets in on his side. He turns the ignition and Bloodstream by Stateless comes through the radio. It’s hypnotic and very suiting for what I feel right now.
I have my hands folded in my lap, and I’m just staring down at them. I don’t know why I feel shy, but I do.
He turns in his seat as he fully un-tucks his shirt, and with his index finger under my chin he guides my face to look at him. My eyes slowly lift to meet his, and I find him intently looking at my face. I turn to look away.
“Why aren’t you looking at me, Riley?” His voice is a mere husky whisper.
I answer so quietly I don’t even know how he hears me, “I’m embarrassed.”
He tucks a curl behind my ear. “Why? I’m not. That was so fucking hot, Riley.”
My eyes cut to his, and I couldn’t look away even if I wanted too. “I’ve never done anything like that before. I felt out of control, Josh.” I admit. I lean my head to the side of the seat as I mirror his position, pulling my legs up on to the seat.
He mimics my move by resting his head on his own seathis face just a few inches from mine now. “I never have, either. Did you like the way it felt?” he asks.
My mouth suddenly feels dry, and I lick my lips just to wet them. His eyes watch its path. “Yes. I liked it...a lot. I wanted...” I trail off, unable to say what I wanted, what I felt.
He moves his face closer to minejust a breath away now. “You wanted what?” He whispers the words almost against my lips.
“I wanted more. I didn’t want you to stop. That is crazy. People were there and I...I just wanted...you,” I admit.
His eyes twinkle sinfully. His smirk deepens the dimple I love so much. I want to lick it, but I don’t.
He releases my buckle and pulls me to the middle of the seat. His finger trails down my cheek, down my neck, down my rib cage, and to the hem of my dress. He moves underneath the fabric, placing his hand firmly on my thigh and up to my waist. I jerk a little. His eyes never leave mine as he moves his mouth closer. I can’t help it. I lick his dimple, and he groans. He licks my lips, and I moan. He glides his hand further up my dress until his hand begins to feel me up, as our lips finally touch and begin a wicked dance together.
“Josh?” I breathe between kisses.
“Mmm?” He replies in between kisses as his thumb twirls around my nipple over my bra.
“What are we doing?” I ask pulling away, breathlessly.
He grins and moves his hand back down my stomach, and down the outside of thigh and around the curve of my ass. “You’re not the only one feeling out of control. I haven’t been able to think straight since I saw you practically naked.”
He leans into my neck and begins licking and kissing me there. Once again, I’m nervous someone is watching. I’ve never been more thankful for his tinted windows and that it’s dark outside because I need him to keep doing what he is doing. He pulls away just slightly catching a glimpse of my necklace. He moves his hand back to the top of my leg and touches the charms with his other hand. His eyes warm and his lips curl up into a smile.
“Where did you get this?” he asks.
“Emily. It’s my birthday present. Something about the pixie reunited with her music.”
His soft smile is now wide and just beautiful. His eyes lift to mine, and they heat instantly. “I love that,” he says tracing the line of my lips with his thumb.
“I love you,” I mutter.
He gently presses my legs down onto the seat, turning my body to the front. He has his hand sprawled out on the top of my leg as his thumb caresses the inner part of my thigh. “I love you, too. I love that necklace, and I love this dress,” he breathes the words hot in my ear, then gently nibbles on it.
“God, Josh.” He’s slowly coaxing my legs to open for him, at the same time he is licking the spot behind my ear that makes me shiver.
 “Do you want more?” He whispers into my ear as his hands slides into my panties.
I can’t control my breathing now. I can’t not pant or writhe. I can’t control what my body wants, and it wants more. “Yes, please. I want more.” I am shocked at how my own voice sounds when I speakbreathy and needy.

© Copyright 2014 by Andrea Michelle. 

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