Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

“I spent the past two years fearing the worst that I chose safe arms to hold me when his arms weren’t the arms I longed to be in nor were they really safe. I thought it’s what I deserved. I thought I couldn’t belong in the arms I wanted to really hold me.” I admitted.
His eyes glass over and he swallows, “Whose arms did you want to hold you Riley?” he knew the answer, he always knew.
My eyes are cast down full of shame that I let myself doubt where I belonged for so long. “It wasn’t a want Josh. It was a need, an ache so deep I couldn’t escape it. I tried so hard to fight it but it consumes me.”
My eyes slowly met his and he asked me again. His own voice cracking from the emotions, I notice a tear fall and I have an urge to kiss it away. “Whose arms Riley?”
I swallowed down the lump in my throat and fall from the edge of the cliff. “Yours. I belong in your arms... unless it’s too late. Tell me it’s not too late. Please.” I beg and tears trickle down my cheeks mixing with the rain falling on my skin.
He looks down and in that moment I feared it was. Too late. In my attempt to escape ever being heart broken again it was me that did the most damage to the organ.
The rain continues to pour, the sky is just as sad as I am. 
© Copyright 2013 by Andrea Michelle. 

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