Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another teaser

At Collin’s party I saw Josh and Preslee kissing in the hall and I hated it. I hated it even more when she pulled him into the bathroom with her.
“Why are you such a man whore Josh? You know you can do better than Preslee? Didn’t she hook up with Collin last week?” I asked him after he came out of the bathroom with her and she was out of earshot. He laughed at me “we didn’t hook up Shaw, she just did me a favor.” I gagged and he shrugged like it was no big thing. “What? She offered and I accepted. Is that a crime?” he smirked. Granted Josh was a little tipsy but still it grossed me out.
“You’re a pig Josh, I don’t want to hear that”
“You asked, I told you. Besides I’m not a man whore as you called it, I’m just bored and having fun.” Some random guy heard him as he walked by and fist bumped him. Guys are pigs I thought. All the sudden Josh tilted his head to the side and hummed like he had a sudden thought. He tapped my nose with his index finger, “We could have fun together ya know and then I wouldn’t need the distractions anymore.” He said gesturing to the other girls at the party and nibbling on his lip.
I rolled my eyes “Yea ok, your drunk” I said sarcastically, “distraction from what exactly?”
He leaned in close to my ear, his breathe causing me to shiver and he whispered low and husky, “from my fantasies of you” I think I may have “aahhh’ed” and when he leaned back to look into my eyes I swore he was going to kiss me. His eyes flicked to my lips.
I began to panic realizing I wanted him too but knowing I was at a party full of people one of which was my boyfriend. Where was he anyway? I hadn’t seen him in a while.
My thoughts of a MIA Dean dissipated when Josh grabbed my wrist and brought it to his lips never breaking eye contact. He left his mouth there briefly, feeling my pulse thump wildly I imagine.
He grinned wickedly before softly placing a kiss and letting my hand fall away. “I’m kidding Riley, you can calm down. We didn’t do anything in there but kiss. I was joking with you but I’ve said it before you are absolutely adorable when you are jealous.” He walked away laughing. 
Copyright 2013 by Andrea Michelle

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