Thursday, October 10, 2013

Finding myself

I'm crying happy tears right now and just can't find the right words to express the happiness that is inside of my heart right now. Wow... just wow! I just read a review that seriously made my day, my first five stars. Then another, then messages that just made my heart sing. Trust me I'm not bragging, so far from it. It took me 18 years to share my passion out of fear (maybe insecurity).  The unknown is a scary place and trusting strangers with my heart and soul is very hard for me. When I decided to jump off the edge I didn't know where that would land me. I decided not to jump but try to fly (a wing and a prayer is what I had and I just hoped that would be enough). I hoped that Escape the Doubt would touch someone the way it did me. This story is very close to my heart. Josh and Riley consumed me. They spoke for themselves and I just wrote the story they wanted me to tell and it was an emotional journey. I was scared that it wouldn't be embraced, that it wouldn't be enough, that I would fail Josh and Riley somehow and that fear broke my heart a little before I even gave it a chance. I am my worst critic and having faith in myself is something I have to stop and talk over with myself daily. I have a lot in common with the characters in my book. That review and the kind words coming from others mean the world to me and I am humbled and beyond grateful. Reminders that I can and should do this. That missing piece in me is complete when I write. It may have taken me years to put the puzzle together but now that the pieces are falling together I can't help but smile and be happy. HUGE THANK YOU to the readers of Escape the Doubt. 

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