Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Work in Progress (Abandoned Identity)

This is the synopsis to my WIP (Release date not yet announced)

Abandoned Identity

by Andrea Michelle 
Copyright 2013 by Andrea Michelle 

~Without a choice Leah would have a fresh start, a new beginning. Although she isn't sure if it's possible to start over when her beginning had no end. All Leah wanted to do was walk away from the life she left behind, and now the disappointment she saw in Kevin's eyes when she told him what had happened and why she lied about her identity. He wouldn't forgive her. He couldn't understand. It wasn't in him, his upbringing didn't allow that kind of information to exist. Leah knew to keep it secret when she met him, she knew she had to hide it for as long as she could but when someone who knew the truth walked back into her life exposing her not as Leah but as Sydney, a troubled girl with a dark past, her cards were scattered to the table. Kevin wouldn't pick them up. He just stared at them with judgement and watched her walk away, right out of his life. No reason to continue the charade of being Leah, Sydney once again abandoned another identity only to take on the real skin she hated so much.

~Micah was a beautiful creature with dark edges. He was broken and alone. Everyone in town knew he had a history of losing his temper, of making bad decisions. They accused him of the worst act imaginable. They were wrong about him but he didn't care enough to correct them. She was gone, sweet Rosalie and the future they were to have... all gone. All reason to care about anything became ashes. He let them convict him. Lost without the one he loved he spent his time talking to a ghost in four walls of misery until the truth set him free.

~Micah was wandering aimlessly into his new life, leaving his old identity behind. Sydney was walking with determination to hers. Amazingly by mistake but with complete purpose they walked and wandered right into each other.

~What happens when broken meets beaten down? What happens when convicted meets rejected? What happens when the judged and the condemned find each other? Can two past enveloped in pain and sadness become a future with healing and love or are they too damaged to fix each other?

~Travel the streets of abandoned identities with Micah and Sydney to find out.

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