Monday, December 9, 2013

Teaser from Book 2

This is from Embrace the Moment (book 2 in the Shifting Series). 


His knuckles brush my cheek and I reach up to take his hand and bring it to my mouth where I kiss his palm and then we hug. We freaking hug... it’s the simplest of gestures but it makes me feel warm and like his arms are my home. He is home to me and I’m so completely happy to be back home where I belong.
“Well isn’t that cute.” I hear a familiar voice say from behind me. I feel Josh tense instantly and when I turn around I find my ex. That warm and fuzzy feeling dies a quick death being buried underneath years of wrong decisions. Dean takes off his helmet, places it on the handlebars and walks towards us never breaking eye contact with me. 
I’m not sure what my face is portraying right now. A little of shock and a little of irritation I would presume. “Hey Dean,” I reluctantly say to the guy that is more like a stranger to me than an ex-boyfriend of two years and a good friend since childhood. 
His chocolate eyes are speaking to me without words. For a second they soften but with just a breath they become cold and foreign. “Riley, I see you found your smile again.” He smiles but it’s strained and seems to taunt me not congratulate me. “Good for you. Strange though, how it seems to slip right into place when only Josh is near you huh?” He says full of sarcasm and bitterness. It slaps me right in the face with the truth. 

© Copyright by Andrea Michelle 2013

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