Saturday, December 28, 2013

New edition

Heeeeyyyyy!  Just 11 more days

Tuesday, January 7th will be the re-release day for the second edition of, Escape the Doubt.

And what's that?  You've heard it has a hot bonus chapter in it. Well, you have heard correctly.  Yes, 6,000 words in Dean's POV. If you haven't met him yet—you should.  He makes your boyfriend look effing amazing.

Readers, I heard you, and I agree. You hate Dean. Your words- He's an asshole, a dickpickle, a douche nozzle, a prick, or as I call him - the jerk I love to hate. You will read his 6,000 words and probably still hate him, but wouldn't you love to climb inside his head, and find out why he is so f*cked up? Well, NOW YOU CAN.

Rumor is - this could be leading somewhere for a future for Dean without Riley. I cannot confirm or deny this rumor.

(In case you missed it)

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Don’t talk, don’t kiss me, and don’t tell anyone we did this—those were the rules for them. The rules for me weren’t as simple. Pretend the chick below me is someone else entirely. Forget the guilt because it’s just sex—sex with the wrong girl. Don’t feel too much, because it isn’t real, and she (whoever she may be) isn’t Riley. 
Dont worry- if you already purchased Escape the Doubt all you need to do is update the edition on your kindle.

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