Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Josh's poem

In her world love is temporary.
Forever isn’t even in the vocabulary.
In my world she is love.
She is forever.
All is possible when we’re together.
Stars are hung just for us.
Shining bright when things get rough.
Guiding her back to me. Back home.
Back into the arms where she belongs.
The music lies underneath
the many moments when we can’t breathe.
She’s the melody.
I’m the harmony.
Our rhythm becomes everything.
I have to find her in the dark.
Nothing works when we’re apart.
Show her beauty.
Regain her trust.
Immerse her in all of my love.
Prove her wrong.
This is real.
Let the music help us heal.
Bonding, yet barely breathing
in another moment all too fleeting.
No mistakes. No regrets.
No more lies and no more threats.
No more miles in between.
A final moment for us to sing.
Hand in hand, hearts entwined.
The past let go and left behind.
In breaths and heartbeats, our life is measured.
Not failures or miles, but in moments we shared.
She erased the doubt. I embraced the moment.
Shifting apart then shifting together.
Can we finally emerge into forever?

© Copyright 2014 by Andrea Michelle.

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