Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Snippet

Escape the Doubt

Josh went to my bedroom while I grabbed a band-aid from the bathroom cabinet. When I step back into my room I find him standing by my dresser reading the poem I had written on my mirror with a sharpie.
The air I breathe is filled with his scent
The music speaks everything I meant
Meant to say but never did tell you
You haunt me where I lie alone without you
Feeling your touch as it vanishes away
My own heart is the one I betrayed
I just watch him for a moment. His tanned skin glistens from the sun filtering through my window. His lean muscles are gorgeous. He has his hand lifted and is tracing the lines along a heart I drew last night with his index finger.
 It is 2 broken halves, one is black and the other is red. It felt like my own heart, broken with half of it dead and unwilling to love, the other half alive and wanting to grab onto it forever.

© Copyright 2013 by Andrea Michelle. 

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