Wednesday, May 14, 2014

News to share

I have an announcement to make: Testing, testing. Is this thing on? Okay, then.

So, my beta readers are freaking amazing, and I love them. During my writing process of Embrace they kept asking me, "What the hell is Dean thinking? No, seriously. What is wrong with him?" I knew because I created him. They just wondered. Then I thought, well, I could enlighten them on his character, maybe even, Preslee. Although, I passionately dislike her.

Where am I going with this? Oh yes, enlightening you. The announcement.

I've been writing a companion novella to Embrace. Book 2.5, Evoke the Wicked is Dean and Preslee's book. Mostly Dean. This is their story happening simultaneously with Embrace. This book will lead right up to that moment in Embrace when y'all want to hunt down this author and strangle her.  That crazy woman. I don't know why she does the things she does?

Well, this is an optional read. However, if you want to know some secrets about these two, well then you will want to read their wicked story.

Emerge into Forever is well on it's way to completion. My goal is July for both books. That is subject to change due to the editing process and a tight summer schedule.

Blogger/Reviewer note: I will be more selective with my ARC giving in the future. If you reviewed, Escape & Embrace then you have first dibs on my crazy brain, and I THANK YOU for being your awesome self. If you have been given ARC's of both and have failed to review either, well...

On a side note: I love all of your faces. I really do. Without readers support, this would not be possible. I'm both sad and anxious to give you the last part of this story. Josh and Riley steal your heart and consume your every thought. I am just so blessed to have these characters with me, and have so many fantastic people to share them with. I am eager to give you more than just them, though. I have a lot of work ahead of me, and plenty more fictional friends to share with you. kiss kiss

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