Thursday, November 21, 2013

A PG 13ish scene from Escape the Doubt

I do not own the rights to this photo. All credit remains with the photographer & creator of the gif. Visual purposes only. 

 He brushes the hair away from my face and places a contented kiss on my forehead as he always does. He wraps his arm around my waist and hugs me tightly against him, resting his chin on my head. There is no space left between us. My leg is around his hip; my chest is pressed up against his. It feels perfect. Just for a moment I let myself forget everything else, I need this moment of respite. 

I pull back just enough that our faces are inches apart now. His nose is almost touching my nose. I watch his eyes study mine. I see it. Sadness, regret, remorse, longing... even love. It hurts to see it and I want to forget it’s there and that all of those emotions are sitting inside of me too. 

 He moves his hand from around my waist and runs his fingertips down my leg over his hip and back up until his palm is cupping my ass. An involuntary shiver runs up my spine and delicious tingles are following his fingers path. I press my hip into him involuntarily. His eyes are boring into mine, penetrating every barrier, everything I’ve tried to hide from him I feel peeling away and I’m scared shitless. I am open to him like this and I can feel him in my most tender spot. 

His thumb is caressing the side of my shorts now and I want him to touch me, God help me, I want him. I shut my eyes and inhale deeply. I can feel his breath on my lips. He is so close and I have a moment of trepidation. My body is covered in goose bumps; I have this coiling feeling in my stomach. He gently kisses each of my eyelids, my lips part as I exhale slowly. I feel him pull back slightly and when I open my eyes leisurely I find him studying my face, his eyes are clouded. He is fighting something; I can sense his inner battle. 

 “Josh?” I ask breathlessly. He moves his hand away from my hip and skirts it up my side, brushing the side of my breast before he cups my cheeks with both hands. He’s going to kiss me. 

 “Shhh” he whispers and then it happens. The Earth turns on its axis, my world stops. He so softly pecks my lips, gently licks along my bottom lip, parting my mouth, seeking permission to enter. A soft moan escapes me; my lips are quivering. His tongue enters my mouth and dances seductively with my own. The kiss is slow, sensual and damn near unravels me. It’s over much to fast. He doesn’t deepen it, even when I reach up and pull at his shoulders before tangling my fingers into his hair. He keeps the kiss completely sweet and a breath away from innocent. 

 I am fully aware that this is blurring the lines of our relationship further. When he pulls back I am panting, I am shaking, I am beyond in need. He smiles the sexiest smile and taps his index finger to my nose. 

 “You need to sleep” he pecks my mouth one last time and rolls to his back leaving me a quivering hot mess.

Copyright 2013 by Andrea Michelle 

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